Bushbury Chess Club



2018 - 2019

Birmingham Division 1
Wed 31st Oct 2018 South Birmingham A Away  
Mon 5th Nov 2018 Sutton Coldfield Away  
Wed 28th Nov 2018 Olton Home  
Wed 12th Dec 2018 South Birmingham B Home  
Tue 18th Dec 2018 Halesowen Away  
Thu 17th Jan 2019 Wolverhampton Away  
Wed 23rd Jan 2019 Solihull Home  
Wed 6th Feb 2019 Warley Quinborne Home  
Wed 27th Feb 2019 Lichfield Home  
Thu 14th Mar 2019 Walsall Kipping Away  
Wed 27th Mar 2019 Shirley & Wythall Home  
Tue 9th Apr 2019 Redditch Away  
Birmingham Division 4
Tue 16th Oct 2018 Birmingham Away  
Wed 7th Nov 2018 St George's Home  
Tue 13th Nov 2018 Halesowen Away  
Wed 28th Nov 2018 Walsall Kipping Home  
Wed 5th Dec 2018 Stourbridge Home  
Wed 2nd Jan 2019 Greenlands Home  
Thu 24th Jan 2019 Shirley & Wythall Away  
Tue 26th Feb 2019 Redditch Away  
Wed 6th Mar 2019 South Birmingham Home  
Tue 26th Mar 2019 Mercia Away  
Thu 18th April Warley Quinborne Away  
Wolverhampton Division 1
Wed 5th Sep 2018 West Bromwich Home
3 - 3
Wed 19th Set 2018 Walsall Kipping A Home
2½ - 3½
Wed 26th Sep 2018 Warley Quinborne A Home  
Thu 11th Oct 2018 Lichfield A Away  
Thu 18th Oct 2018 Wolverhampton A Away  
Wed 24th Oct 2018 Telford Away  
Wed 21st Nov 2018 Stafford Away  
Thu 3rd Jan 2019 Halesowen Away  
Wed 9th Jan 2019 Kidderminster A Home  
Wed 20th Mar 2019 Stourbridge A Home  
Wolverhampton Division 3
Wed 10th Oct 2018 Mercia B Home  
Tue 30th Oct 2018 Mercia B Away  
Wed 21st Nov 2018 Halesowen C Home  
Thu 13th Dec 2018 Walsall Kipping C Away  
Wed 19th Dec 2018 Walsall Kipping B Home  
Thu 10th Jan 2019 Halesowen C Away  
Wed 16th Jan 2019 Wolverhampton B Home  
Thu 14th Feb 2019 Walsall Kipping B Away  
Wed 13th Mar 2019 Walsall Kipping C Home  
Thu 21st Mar 2019 Wolverhampton B Away  
Dudley League Division 2
Thu 28th March 2019 Halesowen Away  
Wed 3rd April 2019 Stourbridge Away  
Wed !0th April 2019 Kidderminster Away  
Wed 17th April 2019 Mutual Circle Home  
Wed 24th April 2019 Boldmere St. Michael Home  
Thu 2nd May 2019 Warley Quinborne Away  
Wed 8th May 2019 Mercia Home  
Wed 15th May 2019 South Birmingham Home  









Birmingham Division 1

Birmingham Division 4

Wolverhampton Division 1

Wolverhampton Division 3








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